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Rules of Play

RULES OF PLAY 1. By posting, you agree to these Terms of Service and Rules of Play. Once you register, you become a Member (hereinafter referred to as "Member") and these forums are owned by Gulf Stream Associates, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Owners".) 2. Play nicely. Any posts that are considered harassing or mean-spirited will be deleted and/or edited at the discretion of the Owners. Remember the "golden rule" and abide by it. Be friendly and make friends. Following these rules will result in a long and friendly relationship with others on the board; refusing to follow them will make your stay here short and could result in the door hitting you on the way out. 3. Keep spam where it belongs. There is more than enough space on the 'net for posting your ads, selling your wares, etc. Please do not post advertising here. Any such posts will be deemed to be potted meat and deleted, moved, or edited at the discretion of the Owners. 4. Take "flame-wars" off the board. You don't have to like everyone here - you don't even have to like anyone . But don't bring your drama to the board; if you feel it necessary to call each other names, harass, threaten, or the like, take it to e-mail. We have better things to do. 5. Anyone engaging in "flame wars" on the board will, at the very least, have their accounts temporarily suspended for a minimum of 72 hours. Repeated offenses will result in the banning of said member, and possible cooperation with any legal authorities. 6. Take what you read here with a grain of salt. Research what you read and form your own opinions. The Owners are not responsible for content contained within the forums, and if you get taken in by misinformation, that's your fault. Not ours. Do your homework, and be careful. 7. Insofar as copyright is concerned, everything posted to the forums becomes the property of Gulf Stream Associates, Inc., and cannot be reprinted, redistributed, or otherwise reproduced without the written consent of the Owners. In other words: dude, it's ours. Ask before you copy and paste. 8. Keep the images in your signatures small. Remember there are still Members who use dial-up, and you're wasting their valuable time waiting for huge images to download. Not to mention our server space and bandwidth. Be considerate. 9. Try to keep on topic, and try to avoid duplicate postings. We understand glitches happen, but posting the same thing twice in every forum is just one way to annoy the snot out of people. Don't do it. 10. Follow the rules commonly known as "Netiquette." We won't bother to re-write them all here, but any Google search will turn it up for you. Read the forum a little before just jumping in so that you'll figure out our own particular "culture". Happy posting! Management, marchmommies.com